Gross Motor Milestones by Month

Birth - 2 Months

  • Holds head up when held over caregiver's shoulder
  • Lifts and turns head side to side when in Tummy Time
  • Begins to push through arms when in  Tummy Time
  • Starts to make smoother movements

4 Months

  • Holds head steady, without support
  • Pushes down through legs when feet are on a flat surface
  • Begins to roll from tummy to back
  • Holds and shakes small toys
  • Brings their hands to their mouth
  • Starts to push up on forearms when in Tummy Time

6 Months

  • Begins to roll over (from tummy to back and back to tummy)
  • Begins to sit without support
  • Starts to bounce when held in standing
  • Starts to get into an all fours position

9 Months

  • Stands while holding on
  • Sits without support for more then 10 minutes without falling 
  • Pulls up to a standing position
  • Starts to crawl

1 Year

  • Is able to move from lying on their back or tummy to a sitting position
  • Walks holding on to furniture of a caregiver's hand
  • May start taking a few steps on their own
  • Stands without support

18 Months

  • Walks alone
  • Squats to play
  • Pulls toys while walking
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Holds a spoon and brings it to their mouth

2 Years

  • Kicks a ball
  • Runs
  • Climbs up and off furniture safely
  • Walks up and down stair holding on
  • Stands on tip toes

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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is a great resource for information on Developmental Milestones.

To find out more, visit the CDC's Developmental Milestones Webpage below and download your child's checklist today.